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hak8or 18b9ee5b02 Say script wont work due to apparmour bug 4 years ago
hak8or 3ced27ede5 Use newly generated template of Arch (last one is nearly a year old! D:) 4 years ago
hak8or 32d39ee531 Add and use fish shell 4 years ago
hak8or b62cec135a Fixed handling of installing yay and package-query 4 years ago
hak8or 0167216d0c Logging fix, using static IP, yaourt->yay, and changed to 4 years ago
hak8or b4026ccf13 Added wget and tmux to packages for arch 5 years ago
hak8or 492cdad722 Now using new arch base image and added template create instructions 5 years ago
hak8or 207f402c99 Added go and dotnet-sdk to installed packages for arch 5 years ago
hak8or 5deb0e82ab Added ability to specify port for proxmox server 5 years ago
hak8or e32afdcce3 Don't create sonarr dirs, they already exist 5 years ago
hak8or 847a4cec78 redirect to log, systemctl enable for usenet 5 years ago
hak8or b6ae54c1fb Added default ports 5 years ago
hak8or 9275501fcf Added usenet setup 5 years ago
hak8or 95192a8e3e Added attempt to change locale to en us utf-8 5 years ago
hak8or 6c3ce20af6 Seperate updating and installing (no reinstall) packages 5 years ago
hak8or df0adfea52 Added option + docs for using a new template for making a container 5 years ago
hak8or ed3e0c1276 Added delay before getting IP address after container was created to handle container still booting 5 years ago
hak8or 0738fdfc47 Wipe fingerprint for container if IP address already is in known_hosts 5 years ago
hak8or 18b1bbb85a Install package-query and yaourt only if yaourt wasn't installed. 5 years ago
hak8or 9182863f9c Create a backup of mirrorlist only if needed 5 years ago
hak8or 13fb7a54bd Removed redundant get_ipaddr 5 years ago
hak8or 84c125191a Handle ssh-ing into a container built on an old IP address. 5 years ago
hak8or a39c5e18c6 Added demo ruby project and added readme.md example of using a dir instead of script. 5 years ago
hak8or 9dc3988c3c Added ability to handle snapshots 5 years ago
hak8or fa4f0da094 Added copying directory contents if source script is a directory instead of just a script 5 years ago
hak8or 6df5093f3e Cleaned up script execution 5 years ago
hak8or ba186021dd gogs not initiliazed and started 5 years ago
acc50f353b Minor fixes 5 years ago
hak8or 0bec6c2f3a Pretty much working scripts! 5 years ago
a741cde852 deploy script almost done! :D 5 years ago
1890f3fb43 beginings of deploy script 5 years ago
1abdf8a16f A 5 years ago
61fa7abbf2 a 5 years ago
e978cfc9bf a 5 years ago
ccc69cb2e8 a 5 years ago
2703c3eaa2 aaa 5 years ago
b5cc99d39c a 5 years ago
e2ca7cafd9 a 5 years ago
070383db98 a 5 years ago
d0164fb4c9 initial 5 years ago