A C++ header-only HTTP/HTTPS server and client library

Updated 3 days ago

MySQL C++ client based on Boost.Asio

Updated 4 days ago

Library for comfortable work with DLL and DSO

Updated 4 days ago

Runtime/Compile time copyable type info.

Updated 6 days ago

Boost.URL is a library for manipulating Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) and Locators (URLs).

Updated 7 days ago

General literal text conversions, such as an int represented as a string, or vice versa

Updated 2 weeks ago

C++ library for storing and printing backtraces.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Boost.org conversion module

Updated 2 weeks ago

Boost.org any module

Updated 3 weeks ago

Boost.org spirit module

Updated 2 months ago

Your standard library for metaprogramming

Updated 3 months ago

std::tuple like methods for user defined types without any macro or boilerplate code

Updated 3 months ago

Fast containers of polymorphic objects.

Updated 7 months ago

A C++ GPU Computing Library for OpenCL

Updated 2 years ago