47 Commits (v1.x)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Alexander Shpilkin 876880fb3f
Reflect CMAKE_INSTALL_INCLUDEDIR in pkg-config 1 month ago
Alexander Shpilkin afb69071d5
Allow absolute CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR 1 month ago
Adam Calhoon 69cac816aa When built with SPDLOG_FMT_EXTERNAL_HO consumers of the spdlog targets depend on fmt 4 months ago
Dave Rigby 87095a9f1f Ensure exported package is relocatable 11 months ago
gabime e7e8b75a4c clang-format 11 months ago
gabime 3315bad009 Treat wall warnings as errors if SPDLOG_BUILD_WARNINGS is ON 12 months ago
gabime 0613dbc4a2 Revert pr #1860 1 year ago
Christof Kaufmann 365e470a32 Add CPack debian package settings 2 years ago
Konstantin Podsvirov fe97a03033 Fix shared library building failure on Windows with non MSVC 2 years ago
gabime 75c15e8028 Formatted cmake 2 years ago
gabime 22655d7554 Formatted cmake using cmake-format 2 years ago
gabime ff0e430e46 Formatted cmake using cmake-format 2 years ago
Bruce Mitchener 937fe7e909 cmake: Fix tabs, whitespace at EOL. 2 years ago
Bruce Mitchener 559984b2fe Fix typos. 2 years ago
gabime 6440733002 Fixed cmake 2 years ago
gabime 02802af97f Renamed SPDLOG_ENABLE_WARNINGS to SPDLOG_BUILD_WARNINGS 2 years ago
FIlip Demski 132ec0a5fc Added an option to disable compiler warnings 2 years ago
Trond H Emaus 3e4df86ac0 create MSVC_OPTIONS list only if compiler is msvc 2 years ago
Trond H Emaus 7054cf7a35 replace MSVC_OPTIONS variable as list 2 years ago
Trond H Emaus 2a7fc9e30e add /WX mscv compiler option for only mscv compiler 2 years ago
Olivier LDff 21d41b8e81 Support for precompiled header for static & dynamic spdlog compilation. 2 years ago
Gabi Melman ee54f54ced Use /W3 for mvsc 2 years ago
Gabi Melman b4a1b4b59a Updated verion.rc and CMakeLists.txt for dll build 2 years ago
Gabi Melman b309a88bea Update utils.cmake 2 years ago
Gabi Melman e88bee49a6 Added version info to dll build 2 years ago
Craig Tyler e47ecc1828 Updates supporting CPack RPM generation 3 years ago
gabime 3a258ee5c9 Fix CMakeList for older versions of CMake 3 years ago
gabime afb949a417 CMake: - Allow non fatal security wanrnings for msvc 2015 and below 3 years ago
gabime fb70eca0a3 CmakeLists.txt: add -pthread to pkg-config 3 years ago
gabime cf2bf488a2 CmakeLists.txt: Fixed package config generation 3 years ago
Craig Tyler 8627721533 Set additional CPACK variables for RPM generator 3 years ago
orbea 588910129c cmake: Add a new spdlog.pc pkgconfig file. 3 years ago
gabime 45a18a61c6 CmakeLists.txt: Added version-number and debug suffixes + SPDLOG_BUILD_SHARED property 3 years ago
gabime 8afe18f148 Minor improvement CMakeLists to use generators 3 years ago
gabime 8d3d06b7a0 Fixed version extraction in CMake 3 years ago
gabime cf64f2baca Fixed CMake address sanitizer 3 years ago
gabime 68a0193d95 CMake refactoring to functions 3 years ago
gabime 5743adc467 CMake use extract version from version.h 3 years ago
gabime d439f75491 Minor CMake cosmetic fix 3 years ago
gabime c559067f77 CMake refactoring 3 years ago
gabime 87eb569929 More updates to CMake (version support , cmake.in) 3 years ago
Carsten Neumann 084bc72d90 Fix handling of external fmt lib 4 years ago
Daniel Chabrowski 49d663f6c8 Move tsan/asan flag management to cmake 4 years ago
gabime 7885aa478c no streams 6 years ago
Nick White b7e3a103c3 Generate & Install pkg-config File 6 years ago
Ruslan Baratov c19d9759d5 Add CMake build 7 years ago