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yhirose 469c6bc2b6 Fix #1017 1 year ago
Joel Rosdahl 887074efd2
Add test of httplib.h split into .h + .cc (#1015) 1 year ago
Joel Rosdahl 9c2c15ca45
Add missing template method implementations (#1013) 1 year ago
Joel Rosdahl 1b3b098329
Avoid hardcoded ports in RedirectToDifferentPort.Redirect test (#1012) 1 year ago
Joel Rosdahl 6f7075e3aa
Improve split script (#1011) 1 year ago
yhirose ccbddd8842 Allow `LargeRandomData` test only on Windows 1 year ago
yosh-matsuda 879dd261c2
Fix gzip compression/decompression over 4 GiB data size (#1002) 1 year ago
xxrl 52f5eb5980
[Fix] ca_cert_path/ce_cert_store lose (#1004) 1 year ago
Gregor Jasny ea2f69a0d7
Add httplib::Error to std::string function (#999) 1 year ago
Gregor Jasny 9f2064a8ed
Fix remaining test warnings (#1001) 1 year ago
yhirose e3750d9ddf Simplefied server APIs 1 year ago
yhirose c1eee3012e Fix #998 1 year ago
Gregor Jasny 6b08babbd2
Use googletest 1.11.0 (#1000) 1 year ago
yhirose 215b81342e Added a test case for #996 1 year ago
yhirose 06bfa7e08b Fix #979 1 year ago
yhirose 3d83cbb872 Improve string compare performance 1 year ago
yhirose 8a803b30f6 Fix #990 1 year ago
yhirose 80be649de7 Fix #961 1 year ago
yhirose 9648f950f5 Updated README 1 year ago
Gregor Jasny 6b9ffc8bec
Remove dead code (#965) 1 year ago
Simon Edlund d903053faf
Update httplib.h (#964) 1 year ago
yhirose 676f1b5a26 Updated the user agent string 1 year ago
Baruch Nissenbaum b8dec12f15
Limit SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ retries to 1 sec (#957) 1 year ago
yhirose fc9b223acc Updated copyright year 1 year ago
CncGpp ba824089d7
Fix code err code 401 when the password is empty in base_auth. (#958) 1 year ago
Andrea Pappacoda 1a2faf09e0
Add header-only Meson support (#955) 1 year ago
yhirose 5a43bb8149 Implemented #946 in a different way 1 year ago
yhirose 0104614656 Code refactoring 1 year ago
yhirose 77a77f6d2d Added set_default_headers on Server 1 year ago
Mathias Laurin 089b9daa1c
Fix virtual call in ClientImpl::~ClientImpl() (#942) 1 year ago
yhirose ba34ea4ee8 Fix #944 1 year ago
Baruch Nissenbaum 2917b8a005
Explicit cast from size_t to uInt (#941) 1 year ago
Joseph Huang dcf24d45a2
fix ssesvr use of deleted function (#938) 1 year ago
yhirose 75fdb06696 Added a missing member in copy_settings. 1 year ago
Alex Hornung e00ad37580
Add option to bypass URL encode of path (#934) 1 year ago
Vincent Stumpf 5cfb70c2b4
Fix some shadowed variable warnings (#935) 1 year ago
Alessio Pollero 2a70c45697
Fix client.cc code, since res.error() without operator overloading… (#921) 1 year ago
Aswin Raj Kharel c58b00580e
reserving before encoding (#912) 1 year ago
Ken Schalk 7c60e69c33
Remove redunant call to close_socket (#911) 1 year ago
yhirose 33e94891ee Updated test.cc 1 year ago
yhirose 73e0729f63 Change `sink.write()` to return boolean 1 year ago
yhirose 21c529229c Fixed timeout issues 1 year ago
yhirose 63643e6386 Code format 1 year ago
yhirose 6cc2edce99 Added `set_address_family` 1 year ago
yhirose d122ff3ca8 Code formatting 1 year ago
James Young 14c6d526b4
Use newer version-flexible TLS/SSL method (#904) 1 year ago
Philipp Hasper 28e07bca16
Fixed minor code smells (#901) 1 year ago
yhirose faa5f1d802 Additional changes for #889 1 year ago
yhirose 9d3365df54 Fix #889 1 year ago
yhirose 6ff84d34d1
Another simpler implementation of #890 (#891) 1 year ago