1075 Commits (master)

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Andrea Pappacoda 305a7abcb9
fix: update CPPHTTPLIB_VERSION to 0.10.8 (#1305) 3 weeks ago
yhirose 219d13b718 Fix #1303 3 weeks ago
conghuawang df20c27696
resolve http server can't send file large than 2GB (Fix #1290) (#1294) 1 month ago
yhirose a5a62768c0
Fix #1292 (#1296) 1 month ago
yhirose 4001637beb Added CPPHTTPLIB_FORM_URL_ENCODED_PAYLOAD_MAX_LENGTH 1 month ago
Martín Córdova 47044c05a8
Fix compile error with MINGW-64 GCC-12.1.0 (#1283) 1 month ago
Andrea Pappacoda a449d82723
build(cmake): minor tweaks (#1274) 1 month ago
yhirose fee8e97b4e
Rename fuzzing test corpus for #1264 2 months ago
yhirose 72d9ed4056 Added fuzzing corpus for #1264 2 months ago
Andrea Pappacoda 1be1b3a86d
build(meson): don't require python3 (#1267) 2 months ago
yhirose 9452c0a4b6 Release v0.10.7 2 months ago
Yoshiki Matsuda 307b729549
Accept large data transfer over SSL (#1261) 2 months ago
mylogin 696239d6e1
Link Windows crypto libs only when CPPHTTPLIB_OPENSSL_SUPPORT is set (#1254) 2 months ago
Andrea Pappacoda 6929d90353
build(meson): allow using OpenSSL 3.0 (#1256) 2 months ago
yhirose 348d032029 Updated README 2 months ago
Andrea Pappacoda d1d3fcdfd5
build(meson): mark *_encrypted_pem as test deps (#1255) 2 months ago
Eli Schwartz abf3a67dd0
meson: fix regression that broke extracting version (#1253) 2 months ago
yhirose d87abeecf0 Release v0.10.6 2 months ago
yhirose 4e28e4f741 Fix #1251 2 months ago
yhirose 80a55cedeb Removed Repl.it examples 2 months ago
yhirose d05c343602 Release v0.10.5 2 months ago
yhirose 33f67386fe Fix #1249 2 months ago
yhirose 56d8168dc4 clangformat 2 months ago
greenfish 5d87cc0558
resolve compiler warnings (#1246) 2 months ago
yhirose cb41947eb4
Fix #1235 (#1243) 2 months ago
Kotarou 0857eba17b
replace deprecated OpenSSL functions with evp functions (#1241) 3 months ago
Andrea Pappacoda 020b0db090
build(meson): generate key_encrypted.pem (#1221) 3 months ago
Andrea Pappacoda bf0760fde4
fix: update user agent (#1218) 3 months ago
yhirose bb8e45383e Update README 3 months ago
yhirose a1df576e4f Fix #1212 3 months ago
yhirose 7fb0254794 Fix #1215 3 months ago
yhirose c82d1e52cc Fix #1214 3 months ago
yhirose 846151b605 Added a unit test case for large multipart form data 3 months ago
Alexandre Bouvier e44e31dd5b
Add soversion (#1209) 4 months ago
yhirose f7b9501662 clangformat 4 months ago
yhirose e12fe4cbbb Performance improvement 4 months ago
yhirose 49d2e1f135 Fix problem with InvalidPort test 4 months ago
Sebastien Blanchet 8191fd8e6c
Add optional private key password to SSLServer ctor (#1205) 4 months ago
yhirose d73395e1dc Release v0.10.3 4 months ago
au-ee 64d001162b
CPPHTTPLIB_NO_DEFAULT_USER_AGENT skips default user agent (#1201) 4 months ago
yhirose bb00a23116 Apply clangformat 5 months ago
yhirose 63d6e9b91b Removed up.sh and down.sh 5 months ago
Edwin Kofler 66eed5681a
Fix typo in Dockerfile (#1187) 5 months ago
Andrea Pappacoda 8ecdb11979
build(meson): always install a pkg-config file (#1182) 5 months ago
Andrea Pappacoda 894fcc8e02
test: add missing "_Online" suffix (#1183) 5 months ago
Rockybilly 7f43f0f3ff
User-Agent update cpp-httplib/0.10.2 (#1181) 5 months ago
Gregor Jasny 87e03dd1ce
Report connection timeout as separate event (#1171) 5 months ago
yhirose e5cacb465d
Fix #1172 (#1173) 5 months ago
yhirose ee8371f753 Added 'PostLarge' unit test for #1169 5 months ago
yhirose 081723f983 Add another fuzz test corpus 5 months ago