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Optimize `emplace()` for exactly a `value_type` or `init_type` argument (#227)
* Add structs to count special member functions

* Add failing emplace tests, that will pass after making the optimization

* Optimize emplace() to not allocate when we already have a value_type or init_type

* Fix newly failing cfoa tests
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Branch CI Drone status Build status codecov Deps Documentation Enter the Matrix
BSL 1.0 C++11 required Header-only library

Boost.Unordered offers a catalog of hash containers with different standards compliance levels, performances and intented usage scenarios:

boost::unordered_set boost::unordered_map boost::unordered_multiset boost::unordered_multimap

    Fully conformant implementations of std::unordered_[multi](set|map), but faster and up to the latest revisions of the standard even if you're working in an older version of C++ (heterogeneous lookup, try_emplace, contains, etc.)

boost::unordered_flat_set boost::unordered_flat_map

    The fastest of the lot. Based on open addressing, these containers slightly deviate from the standard in exchange for top performance.

boost::unordered_node_set boost::unordered_node_map

    Variations of boost::unordered_flat_(set|map) providing pointer stability.

boost::concurrent_flat_set boost::concurrent_flat_map

    High performance for multithreaded scenarios. Introducing a new non-standard, iterator-free API.

Learn about Boost.Unordered

Get the library

Boost.Unordered can be installed in a number of ways:

  • Download Boost and you're ready to go (this is a header-only library requiring no building).
  • Using Conan 2: In case you don't have it yet, add an entry for Boost in your conanfile.txt (the example requires at least Boost 1.83):
    If you're not using any compiled Boost library, the following will skip building altogether:
  • Using vcpkg: Execute the command
vcpkg install boost-unordered