polygon module
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Glen Fernandes 7aa8793414
Merge pull request #74 from fiesh/fix-operator-neq-ambiguity
Mark operators const
1 month ago
benchmark Polygon: rerunning benchmarks; updating benchmark documentation pages. 10 years ago
doc Replace typedef struct and typedef class 4 years ago
example Replace typedef struct and typedef class 4 years ago
include/boost/polygon Mark operators const 1 year ago
meta Add metadata file. 9 years ago
test Fix tests hidden under NDEBUG flag 5 years ago
.gitattributes Move top-level boost directory over to "devel" (temporarily) 16 years ago
.travis.yml Update Travis configuration 4 years ago
CMakeLists.txt Update CMakeLists.txt 2 years ago
Jamfile.v2 [Polygon] Fixing issue #9776: polygon unittest exceeds object file format during compilation. 10 years ago
appveyor.yml Update Travis and add Appveyor configuration 5 years ago
index.html fix remaining inspect errors in docs 13 years ago